Breeders – Protocols

Brown Teal Protocols / Literature

Husbandry Manual

  • Brown Teal Husbandry Manual, probably best to save a copy to your computer by right clicking on the above link, then “save target as” to save it to a location where you can later find and open it.

Brown Teal Recovery Plan

  • Pateke (Anas chlorotis) recovery plan, 2005–10

Brown Teal Transportation Guidelines

  • Approved crates used for transporting pateke and requirement instructions that must be followed.

Disease Screening Rational

  • Basic overview of how and why we do disease screening

Captive to Captive protocol

  • The actual protocol if you are transferring birds from one facility to another if being directed to by the captive coordinator ie moving a display pair to another institution, moving a breeding pair from you to someone else, etc

Captive to Peacock Springs protocol

  • The actual protocol if you are transferring your seasons progeny down to peacock springs for a captive release.

Peacock Springs to Wild protocol

  • Peacocks springs only need to worry about this.

Dead Bird protocol

  • Dead birds need to be kept chilled (not frozen) and sent to Massey University for pathology/necropsy.