Recovery Group

“To generate and provide expert technical advice that achieves recovery of Brown Teal”

A recovery group has been established for Brown Teal. This group consists of people with knowledge of the ecology and management needs of the species. The role of the recovery group is to achieve recovery of the species they represent through generation and provision of high quality technical advice. The recovery group prepared this plan in conjunction with people interested in or affected by this plan, or with an expert knowledge of the species.

Recovery Group members are:
Recovery group leader
Science co-ordinator
GBI AO brown teal programme manager
Whanagarei AO brown teal project manager
Technical specialist
Captive Co-ordinator
Ducks Unlimited Representative
Iwi Representatives
Tiff Browne
Avi Holzapfel
George Wilson
Tiff Browne
Nigel Miller
Kevin Evans
Mike Camm
Clive Stone


National Conservation goals for Brown Teal


Brown Teal (Pateke) recovery plan

Programme Goal

To maintain brown teal in the wild state on the mainland and islands of the New Zealand region in sufficient numbers and at sufficient secure locations so that it has a conservation status of “non-threatened” based on IUCN criteria

Objectives for the duration of the 1996 10 year plan
To maintain the current numbers and distribution of brown teal on Great Barrier Island
To maintain a viable breeding population of brown teal (based on existing wild birds) at a minimum of two locations on the mainland of Northland.
To establish new breeding populations (of ten or more pairs) of brown teal on at least five further islands.
To initiate, by a variety of means, the establishment of new Brown Teal populations at a minimum of five locations on the New Zealand mainland.
To determine the taxonomic and genetic status of teal in Fiordland relative to teal on Great Barrier Island, and if distinctive, to capture sufficient to establish a captive breeding programme capable of producing 20 pairs by 2005
To maintain the existing captive breeding programme operating under a captive management plan which is capable of supplying birds for release annually.
To broaden the public constituency fully in the recovery programme for Brown Teal