Captive Breeding Facilities / Partners

The Pateke Captive Breeding program could is comprised of both private individuals and Zoos/Wildlife Parks each producing young juvenile birds on a voluntary basis each year so they can be released back out into the wild to start new wild sustainable populations for the future of the species.  With an estimated cost of approximately $650 to produce a teal ready for release back into the wild, collectively the captive facilities who are are our partners in this reintroduction program roughly donate $105,000 – $130,000 in-kind generosity.  Without these wonderful people and facilities the recovery program would not be as successful as it has been.

Below is a map of all the captive breeding facilities in New Zealand, and links to each of the public breeding facilities where you can go and see Brown Teal in real life.


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Auckland Zoo: -36.864721, 174.720383
Hamilton Zoo: -37.774107, 175.216827
Otorohanga Kiwi House: -38.179404, 175.213609
Esplanade Aviary : -40.371038, 175.616884
Nga Manu Nature Reserve: -40.860207, 175.059521
Willowbank Wildlife Reserve: -43.463105, 172.594485
Orana Wildlife Park: -43.466812, 172.461920
Private Facility: -43.470487, 172.535133
Private Facility: -36.135494, 174.023057
Private Facility: -36.473238, 174.553859
Private Facility: -40.799490, 175.123469
Private Facility: -41.222619, 174.805416
Private Facility: -43.908381, 171.748567
Private Facility: -46.413187, 168.353773
Kiwi Bird Park: -45.028240, 168.656960
Te Anau Wildlife Park (Doc): -45.432205, 167.713895

If you wish to see Brown Teal (Pateke) you can visit any of the below places:

Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Wildbase Recovery
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Orana Wildlife Trust
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Hamilton Zoo
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Otorohanga Kiwi House
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Pukaha (Mt Bruce) National Wildlife Centre
 Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Auckland Zoo
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Kiwi Birdlife Park Queenstown