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Pests and Predators

Kid’s Track

Join the Brown Teal Team as we unravel the mysteries of one of the world’s most remarkable birds. Find out why the Brown Teal is endangered and about the recovery plan underway to save it.

Meet Webbster our delightful member of the Brown Teal family. And meet the Recovery Group team, who are making an all-out effort to save these unique birds.

Saving the Brown Teal is an enormously challenging task and there are many problems to overcome. But we reckon we can do it. Find out how research and technology are helping, and about some of the things we have come up with in recent years.

Have a go at some of our games and see if you can solve some of the puzzles. See what introduced predators are doing to Brown Teal and other native species. Read more facts about what make Brown Teal so different and special. Be prepared for a surprise when you hear the Brown Teal’s voice!

If you’re a school or teacher wanting activities and worksheets for your class, check out our resource material.

Finally, test your knowledge and problem-solving skills by trying the Brown Teal quiz.


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