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Captive Breeding Facilities where Brown Teal can be seen:

Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Orana Wildlife Trust
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility  - Hamilton Zoo
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility - Otorohanga Kiwi House
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility  - Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility  - Pukaha (Mt Bruce) National Wildlife Centre
 Pateke Captive Breeding Facility  - Auckland Zoo
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility  - Kiwi Birdlife Park Queenstown
Pateke Captive Breeding Facility  - Wildbase Recovery
Other Conservation Organisations
Awana Catchment Trust
TheTrust (1999) was founded to protect and enhance the environmental, ecological, historical and cultural values of the Awana region, Great Barrier Island. This includes monitoring and enhancing Brown Teal Waterfowl, NZ Dotterel, V. Oystercatcher.
BirdLife International
BirdLife International is an alliance of national wildlife NGOs working together for birds and people. It is the leading authority on the status of globally threatened birds.
The biggest free resource on the web for birders all over the world. Pages on every country and many states, a page for each bird family and very much more – 1,000 pages and 20,000 links to other birding websites.
Harteman Wildfowl
All about the world’s waterfowl and wading birds (Anseriformes, Charadriiformes, Gruiformes, Ciconiiformes…) in nature and aviculture. Supporting conservation through captive breeding.
Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation, Lincoln University
Nature conservation research centre based at Lincoln University.
Kakariki, Care, Breeding, Ecology, and Conservation
Specialising in KAKARIKI, Sharing Information Related to Breeding, Care, Housing, Support, Conservation in the Wild and Captivity, Discussion Forums, Member Galleries
Karori Wildlife Sanctuary
The Sanctuary enables New Zealanders of all ages to experience and learn from our precious natural heritage in an easily accessible location. School parties can learn about the valley and its ecological and human history.
Landcare Research
Landcare Research is New Zealand’s foremost environmental research organisation specialising in sustainable management of land resources optimising primary production, enhancing biodiversity, increasing the resource efficiency of businesses, and conservin
Mt Bruce National Wildlife Centre
NZ’s National wildlife centre for conservation of native wildlife.
New Zealand Birds
Narena Olliver, who has developed this web site on New Zealand’s birds, is neither an ornithologist nor a scientist but a writer with an intense interest in natural history. She has written a natural history/environment column for two Bay of Plenty newspa
New Zealand Department of Conservation
The Department of Conservation is the central government organisation charged with conserving the natural and historic heritage of New Zealand on behalf of and for the benefit of present and future New Zealanders. It’s Brown Teal Recovery Program is lead
New Zealand Ecological Society
The NZES website offers a large amount of information on current and past ecological and conservation research in NZ. This includes 50 years of free, full-text backissues of the NZ Journal of Ecology (backissues available from September 2004).
New Zealand Forest & Bird Society
The Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest national conservation organisation. The Society’s mission is to preserve and protect the native plants and animals and natural features of New Zealand.
New Zealand Ornithological Society
Fostering the Study, Knowledge and Enjoyment of Birds Founded in 1939 the OSNZ was incorporated in 1953 and now has about 1000 financial members world-wide. A feature of OSNZ is the diversity of its membership, which ranges from professional ornithologi
New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Conservation depends heavily on volunteer participation. There are many people of all ages who are willing to help locally, regionally and internationally. But marrying demand and supply needs effective organisation. To meet this need, the New Zealand Tru
NZ Greenpages Directory
A directory of conservation and environment groups in New Zealand.
NZ Land and Pelagic Bird Tours
NZ birding trips and Pacific Checklist
NZERN – the New Zealand Ecological Restoration Network
NZERN is a non-profit, community-driven organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences about native habitat protection, management and ecological restoration in our special land – Aotearoa-New Zealand.
The Hidden Forest
Photographs and information on New Zealand Fungi. A searchable and browsable collection photographs of non-vascular plants (cryptograms) including lichens, fungi, mosses, liverworts and slime moulds (myxomycetes) found in the forests of New Zealand.
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species provides taxonomic, conservation status and distribution information on taxa that have been evaluated using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. This system is designed to determine the relative risk of extinc
Three Streams Arboretum
Community conservation on Aucklands North Shore. Working bees, education centre.
Tiritiri Matangi Island Supporters
The Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi is a non-profit conservation volunteer group founded in 1988 to further the aims of Tiritiri Matangi habitat restoration and species translocation projects.