The purpose of this site is to provide easier access to information about the New Zealand Brown Teal, and who is doing what to help conserve and manage them.

It includes the New Zealand Brown Teal Recovery Plan, which outlines the 10 year strategy currently guiding the direction and objectives for the species recovery.

The site pulls together existing resources scattered across other websites and publications.

It provides up-to-date information on the program set up to help halt the decline of one of New Zealand’s nationally endangered waterfowl species, and it provides information and links to the valuable work of other agencies, organisations and individuals.

Many people in New Zealand contribute to conserving and managing our wonderful little dabbling duck – in their work for government and non-government organisations, as volunteers and fieldworkers, as policy advisers and planners, researchers and information managers. If you want to get involved, this is the place to find out how and where.

If you are involved in helping to manage, maintain or restore New Zealand Brown Teal and would like us to include links to your work, please use our contact form

The site is owned and maintained by Kevin Evans  a member of the Brown Teal Recovery group