Help Webbster

How YOU can help Webbster and his family


Firstly by making sure you keep your Dog or Cat away from Brown Teal areas so they cannot accidentally hurt them.

If you have Brown Teal in your back yard you can help by making sure that your pets i.e. dogs and cats, are locked up, or tied up each night so you know that they are not out hurting any Brown Teal while you are asleep in bed. You can also get involved with predator control to minimise the number of feral stoats, ferrets, weasels, cats, rats & hedgehogs. By reducing the numbers of feral animals roaming around your Brown Teal areas, you reduce the liklihood that these predators will dine out on a Brown Teal.

Helping to make sure that wetlands and wet feeding areas are not drained. Habitat loss to our natural environment has been extensive in the last 100 years, and it has not yet stopped. Help inform local people that these areas are of great value to all New Zealanders and that future generations depend on these habitats staying intact. Encourage or get involved with habitat restoration of local wetlands or streams that may need some help to return them to their original state. This may include plantings, farm grazing management or starting from scratch and turning an unused area back into a fantastic wetland area.

If you are like most of New Zealand and do not have Brown Teal in your back yard, you can look at creating suitable safe habitat for them. Then we can ultimately release captive bred Brown Teal back into your area as a seeder to starting off another Brown Teal population. This will involve a lot of work, but really is needed if we are to win the battle for the survival of this wonderful little bird. Remember that the area you are creating for Brown Teal will also be used by many other native species, many of which themselves are declining in numbers.

Remember you are not alone out there in wanting to help save this unique species from extinction and we are more than happy to help advise you on any issues or information you may need. Click Here to contact us.