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If you live in New Zealand and believe you have both the avicultural skills and can provide a adequate predator proof enclosures minimum size ideally: 40 – 60 square meters preferable, suitable pond (preferable size: 1/3 of aviary), with lots of ground cover (1/3 aviary), plus a spare aviary of similar size to hold progeny.  Can feed them waterfowl pellets (specially formulated),  willing to undertake the disease screening requirements, happy to work with and be directed by the captive coordinator, ensure full care of the birds,  maintain them in a healthy condition so they will breed prolifically for you.  We currently do not have any vacancies for any more new breeders as we are producing between 170 – 200 birds per year which is our target production goal (and maximum our infrastructure can handle using our very successful pre-realease conditioning technique).  But if you do have facilities that meet these standards and experience in waterfowl/aviculture please leave your details incase a vacancy becomes available.   For more information please download our Brown Teal husbandry manual.

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