Welcome to the Breeders Only area


The main functions of the breeders area. These are:


Reintroduction Program Dashboard
An overview of how many pateke have been released since 2003 and where they have gone to,registered user can also see your contribution and where each of your birds went to.


Airnz Booking
Use this online booking form to utilise the FREE air cargo sponsorship arrangement we have with AirNZ (if you don’t use this form you don’t get it for FREE)


Transfer Box Request Form
Please allow up to 3 weeks for crate delivery. Please ensure all birds are disease screened prior to transfer.


Transfer Birds Form
Please enter the details as soon as possible when you transfer birds out of your facility. This includes progeny going to peacock springs for release.


Eggs Laid/Ducklings Hatched update Form
Please enter the details as soon as possible when you your birds lay eggs or ducklings hatch.


Annual Report Form
To help us with the efficient management of the Program, please complete an annual report form for each pair of Brown Teal held in captivity up to 30 March each year.


Protocols / Literature
Husbandry Manual, Recovery Plan, Program Outline, Disease Screeing Rational and Protocols etc.




I have just make some major coding changes to the site, if you have any problems, questions or comments about any of the functions you find here, please contact me.