Population Model

Brown Teal Model

This Brown Teal Survival Calculator model, can be used to project the likely population level and survival of the species over the next 10 years. You can compare past and present data from our monitored DoC sites, of Mimiwhangata, Great Barrier Island & Moehau. If you are wanting to recovery a Brown Teal population in your area, you can model your current data, and project how much more effort is required to ensure the long term survival of the species at your location.

Brown Teal Survival Information
Starting Population:
Clutch Size: (average 4 - 6 eggs)
Hatching percentage: %
Duckling survival to Juvenile: % (juvenile = > 7 weeks old)
Juvenile survival to adult: % (adult = >10 months old)
Annual adult survival rate: %

* Assumes 80% of the Adult population breeds, and there is an even ratio of males to females


Pateke Partners Area

Pateke Partners Area